Group Benefits

Forward thinking businesses use our group benefits solutions to retain top talent

Our Process

Whether you are self-employed, an independent contractor or business owner, we take the time to consider all your needs, guiding you to reach a customized solution. We ensure you are protected in case of critical illness, disability, death or death of a business partner. We provide tax effective solutions for business owners with no employees, whereby providing health and dental coverage is a business expense.
Group RRSP/Pension
  • Constant compliance/governance education tailored to the demographic
  • Teaching younger employees the value of starting early and guiding employees ready to retire
  • TFSA, non-registered, DPSP, Spousal RRSP
Employee Health Benefits
  • We support your corporate values
  • Benchmarking your company to others in your industry in the market
  • Bringing you the most current industry advances as our industry is rapidly changing
Niche Products
  • Special risk insurance (unique situations where company/employees’ travel/work in areas of political unrest)
  • Virtual Healthcare
  • Insuring high risk avocations (pilots, sailors, scuba divers, heli skiers, etc.)
Health Spending Account
  • Covers services not covered by traditional plans ie.(private healthcare, private diagnostics, etc.)
  • Separates you from your competitors
  • Provides flexibility
  • Unique & customizable options
International/US Benefits
  • For businesses that operate internationally
  • Customizability for employees working outside Canada
Corporate & Partnership Life Insurance
  • Business survival planning post-incapacity/death
  • Succession planning

Our leaders will help you

We develop intelligent group benefits solutions for companies to reduce their operational costs, increase their profitability and improve service quality.
  • Fast and accurate service
  • We support businesses of all sizes
  • Bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs
  • Synchronization with different providers

    We work with all of Canada's top providers to get you the perfect solution
    Manulife Financial
    Canada Life
    Sun Life Financial
    Alberta Blue Cross

    Why Work with Us

    We are a small agency of experienced insurance professionals. Unlike teams from big agencies, we will treat your project as ours. We will walk you through our smooth and simple process.

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