About us

We are a local Calgary business with western values

Our values

We pride ourselves on working hard for our clients. Our technical expertise and business savvy are only the beginning of what we have to offer. Building lasting relationships is what we do best. We don’t stop at simply getting to know your business. We get to know you and your business, because we can only build the deep level of trust that allows us to make a difference for your business through steadfast personal attention and a sense of genuine partnership.


Answers to your common questions

Why an advisor?

We are your advocate. We walk through the process with you to prepare for the unexpected. Taking all your needs into consideration, guiding you to provide an employee benefits plan and customizing it to your business requirements. It’s our breadth of knowledge and carrier relationships that enable us to deliver a variety of solutions.

How does our business work?

Focused on building strong relationships, we get to know you and your business first. Then, drawing on our experience, we create a solution that is tailored for your business. We always deliver advice based on the needs of your business through all the phases: startup to growth to acquisition

Is there a fee?

The insurance companies pay a commission to Yellow Raincoat only after ensuring we have found a solution that meets your current needs and budget. When making recommendations to you, we are transparent about what we get paid for the services we provide. If you prefer to be charged a fee for service we work in that model as well.

Who do we deal with?

As an independent broker, we’re not tied to any one company. Our principle emphasis is ensuring you receive a solution that meets your needs. We help you choose the insurer(s) and products that fit your needs & budget

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